Famous Bipolar People
Famous Bipolar People

ADAM ANT - Famous Bipolar Musician

Born Stuart Leslie Goddard on 3rd November 1954, Adam Ant is a famous lead singer and musician. Adam gained respect and popularity as a lead singer, solo artist and an actor. His music was among UK's top ten hits for ten times and also the number ones. He was also well known in America and beyond, where MTV viewers voted him as the sexiest man. His songs were a hit worldwide. He starred in a commercial for Honda motor scooters.

Famous Bipolar People - Adam Ant
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Adam studied at Hornsey College of Art where he pursued Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design however, dropped out before he could complete his studies to further develop his musical talents. He played bass for the Bazooka Joe band for a while, then left to form his own group, the B-Sides. He renamed himself He dissolved the Adam Ant group when he felt some of the members do not have enthusiasm and started producing his own music this time as a solo artist. Adam Ant after spending some time in the hospital later formed the Adam and the Ants Band.

He developed an interest in movie and television roles. He started stage acting in England and later moved to America where he was featured on a number of television programs. He also appeared in Hollywood productions later. He returned to America to continue from where he left off in his pop music career.

Adam was known to have suffered from bipolar disorder in his life. As a child at Robinsfield Infants School, Adam threw a brick at the headmistress' office window. He suffered bouts of depression and became aggressive. He once attempted suicide as a result of a nervous breakdown he suffered. The nervous breakdown was attributed to severe depression. Attempting suicide is a major symptom of bipolar disorder.

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He was also arrested and charged for throwing an alternator of a car through the window of a bar and threatened the owners because they made fun of his appearance. As his punishment, he spent some time at a psychiatric care center. Adam was arrested a second time for attempting to smash his neighbor's door. He was once again sent to a psychiatric hospital. He spent a further six months at the facility before being discharged. Many authors hinted that he was sent to psychiatric care because he was diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Adam was also noted for his high alcohol consumption.

Though much is not said about his childhood difficulties, it was speculated that his parents' divorce had a serious effect on him as a child and eventually influencing his adult life. His father was known to be a heavy drinker and very abusive. This might have accounted for his mental imbalances.

Adam first married Carol Mills. He later married and divorced Lorraine as his second wife, with whom he had a daughter. There were a lot of rumors about some of the women he was dating after his marriage ended. He now writes and records in a studio.

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