Famous Bipolar People
Famous Bipolar People

AXL ROSE - Famous Bipolar Musician

Axle Rose is a famous American musician. Born William Bailey Rose, Jr. on February 6, 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana, he formed the Guns N' Roses band, of which he is the lead singer. He was successful as the lead singer of a popular band and enjoyed a lot of public recognition. Rose is also known for his disagreements with his band members and other members of the entertainment community. He was number 11 on the rank of Hit Parader's and at Top Metal Vocalist for All Time and at 64 in a list of 100 Greatest Singers from the All time list in Rolling Stone.

Famous Bipolar People - Axl Rose

Axl Rose attended the school at Jefferson High but dropped out before the age of 17. His life changed after he discovered the truth about his origins. He started acting and was often in trouble with policemen. He was arrested for assault and drunkenness twenty times and was leave from his home at the age of 16 for not trimming the hair. His criminal activities became unbearable and a Judge advised him to leave Indiana. He went to Los Angeles with a girlfriend. Rose began his musical career by performing with some local bands in Los Angeles, he performed for RapidFire, L.A. Guns plus Hollywood Rose. He also took other odd jobs to complement his income from the bands and worked as a manager at nights in the Tower Records, and even used to smoke cigars for an UCLA scientific research for $8/hour.

Rose formed Guns N' Roses with Tracii Guns, his bandmate at Guns. They had their first performance in the Troubadour at Hollywood and then to the Los Angeles circuit, attracting record companies' attention and building fan base. Their first album was recorded by Geffen Records. They later released many records like Appetite for Destruction, Rolling Stone, and Use your Illusion I and II.

Rose has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, though he doubts he has the condition. Analysts however argue that his behavior proves it all. He was arrested several times for assault in his teenage years. He also had disagreements with many of his bandmates. According to Rose, he is emotional , sensitive and easily got upset. Rose is explosive and abused alcohol as a youth. These are clear signs of bipolar disorder. Rose was put on lithium and had once undergone an anger management program.

Rose also used hard drugs. He admitted using drugs but quit when Guns N' Roses got successful. He said the drugs were not a habit, but an occasional thing.

Guns N' Roses' music did very well and they attained record sales. Their album One in a Million was very successful but had a lot of controversy surrounding the lyrics. Some of his fans, especially the black disagreed with him on the use of terms such as “nigger” and “faggots”. Rose being the lyricist of the song was accused of racism and homophbism, but he denied the accusations.

His latest Album, Chinese Democracy, though given the necessary publicity, has revived the fame of Guns N' Roses.

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