Famous Bipolar People
Famous Bipolar People

Bipolar Website - Some of the Best Websites on Bipolar Disorder


Psych Education

This is a comprehensive site on a whole range of psychological disorders and has considerable amount of information on bipolar disorders including the soft nature of the condition, the actual feelings associated with the mood swings, use of psychotherapy for improving mood swings, self-diagnose bipolar using charts, managing anxiety associated with bipolar, and how to explain things to your doctor and get professional help. There is also an electronic mood charting which you can print out and use to help manage your mood better.


Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

If managing bipolar adults who are aware of what is happening with them is a tough task, achieving the same with kids can be only tougher. Adding to the children's tantrums would be the mood swings of bipolar, but for parents who want some information on managing this, this site comes in handy. This website does an indepth analysis on how to deal with children with bipolar and manage their depression and mania better. With forums, blogs, links to support groups, information on finding professionals, education center, book store, and quizzes, this website has a lot of help to offer parents and adolescents to understand the condition and their lives better.


Bipolar World

For all those affected by bipolar or think they are, this site is a must-read. This mental stigma is a big challenge to the medical fraternity with ongoing research on the condition and treatment methods. This website tells you everything from what is new in bipolar and allows you to check out global journals, join the global bipolar networks to talk your heart out with other bipolar people, and get free consultation from the experts. In effect, the goal is to provide proper information to the affected people and families, support in various possible ways, spread awareness of bipolar among the general public and provide an interactive medium so people with bipolar over the world can support each other and mutually help improve lives.



Since its inception in 1994, this site has provided as a premier online source for bipolar patients, clinicians, and families - be it for information on the disease, symptoms, medications, alternate modes of therapies, discussion forums, support groups, and recent updates. The site also provides practical solutions to pressing issues like education, government and legal issues, and socioeconomic issues in daily lives. From how different people are affected by this condition to the various new developments in the field, this site has it all. If bipolar touches your life in any way, as an affected person, a caretaker, or a medical professional, this site has a lot of information for you. The Pendulum website includes information about famous bipolar people from a different outlook than our website.



A website with exhaustive informative on bipolar; that is what this site is all about. People afflicted by bipolar disorder can use this site to gather information as varied as the diagnostic methods, latest drugs, government funded researches on bipolar, famous people with bipolar, international conferences, self-help methods, interaction of other diseases with bipolar. The website also has links to other websites and books related to bipolar. Medical lingo is minimized in explaining, to that the common man can understand the complex disease and improve life, despite the disease. Should be bookmarked for anyone affected by bipolar in any way.



Mental disorders are by themselves complex, but bipolar would surely top them all. The questions surrounding bipolar would be numerous; some basic, some advanced, some simple, some complex. This site covers a whole lot of information about bipolar - from the nature of the disease, its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. There is an online community that is of immense help and support to those afflicted by bipolar. You can discuss personal stories, coping mechanisms, legal issues, social issues, various medications, and other methods of treatment. The sole purpose of the online community is to give a feeling of belonging and that you are not alone in it - and the website does succeed in it to a large extent.


Bipolar Central

This site provides you with all the news, tips, tricks, and secrets of bipolar disorder in its practical form for the common man. Devoted to help people with bipolar disorder, this site gives practical tips on how to recognize, cope, and deal with bipolar in you or your loved one. Put up by David Oliver, this site tells you how to find a workaround for the illness without wasting your precious time and money on visiting various doctors. All you need to do is check out the frequently asked questions that have been bothering you or contact David Oliver to find that you are not the only one affected by this condition. You could soon make a turnaround and be controlling the disorder.


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is a national organization aimed at providing bipolar patients with information on understanding and managing bipolar by providing the essential support, help, and hope in a way they want, at a place of their choice. This online alliance has support groups running in thousands and is actively involved in conferences, educational process, journals, surveys, clinical research and trials of bipolar, and distribution of educational materials at no cost. The website covers symptoms, management, and recovery tips, thereby helping you empower yourself to manage the disease and your life better.



The manifestations of the phases of bipolar can raise a lot of questions, whether you have the disease or are caring for a person with it. The online community of people affected by bipolar is growing, and with it, more of people's doubts are put to rest. The website has a slideshow depicting the two distinct moods of the condition. You will also find answers to questions like what is bipolar, when to seek medical care, the tests to take, how to self-care, medications and alternative therapies, preventive steps, and followup instructions. The website also is linked to numerous support groups and online forums, enabling free sharing and discussion of your inner fears and feelings.


National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health has been working to change the way mental illnesses are understood, perceived, and treated by the society. To this end, it has created this website which explains bipolar disorder in a way easily understood - both the existing reality and the future promises that the disease holds. Aside from listing the signs and symptoms and medical and supportive treatment, the website also helps in locating a mental health center near you for help in case of emergency. The site also provides updated information on scientific research updates and featured publications related to bipolar.


Mood Swings

Understanding the mood swings associated with bipolar is quite a challenge. This site, an online self-help program, was designed to help people understand the disease better, thereby helping manage their lives better. Since supportive therapy with medications plays a major role in managing bipolar, this site aims to help those who have no access to customized psychosocial programs. Register on this site and find out the more about the disease - the triggers of bipolar, biological basis, mood changes, medications, and coping mechanisms. There is also an online moderated group to help people share and learn from each other's experiences. A highly suggested website for people affected by bipolar as well as their family and friends.


Psych Central

This is an online discussion forum where you can register for free and get a lot of information and support to help you improve your mental health if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Not used for any research, as a member, this forum will allow you to post topics, respond to polls, upload content, and privately communicate with others in the forum on various issues related to bipolar. This site has links related to drugs, Q&A, research, resources, quizzes, and blogs related to bipolar. The objective of the website is to learn, share, and grow.


Mood Garden

Caught in the turbulence of extreme mood swings, bipolar patients need a place to be heard by people who can empathize with them and understand their predicament. This website provides a forum aimed at educating and encouraging participation and helping people lead a fulfilling life through treatment, coping skills, support, and lifestyle management. There is a link to different books dealing with bipolar as well as a list of other useful websites. Not associated with any organization, this independent site provides an online forum that is formed by caring individuals who believe that "mind does matter" and therefore the need to manage mind better.


Living With A Purple Dog

Sharing the experiences of living with bipolar with others helps both yourself and others. This website, penned by someone who has been managing bipolar for some years, provides a lot of insight into the disease including practical tips on managing family, work, and social life. The site serves as a huge repository of information with links leading to a large number of blogs related to bipolar, where a lot of personal stories of people afflicted with bipolar can be found. In addition to listing out various resources and news on bipolar, the site also has labeled the various blogs into different mental disorder categories like bipolar, depression, mania, etc., so you can find the relevant information you are looking for. Check this site out, and you will feel a lot better that you are not the only one affected by bipolar.


Medicine Plus - Bipolar Disorder

Understanding the basics of a problem at hand is very essential. And when the problem is one as complicated as bipolar, the more you learn, the more questions crop up in your mind. This site helps to understand the causes, symptoms, diagnostic measures, treatment, prognosis, and potential complications associated with bipolar. The website also has links to specific problems associated with bipolar like depression and cyclothymia. The site also connects you to other health topics, drugs and supplements where you can find more information on various disease conditions and the medications that you are prescribed.


Living Manic Depressive

This site is full of information on how to live life to the fullest despite being affected by bipolar disorder. Authored by someone who has managed to lead a fulfilling life despite being in the throes of bipolar, this website has been a major support system for people with bipolar since 1997. You could read through the author's diary and clarifies a lot of doubts for people who are unsure if they are bipolar, diagnosed with bipolar but are not sure of what to do next, how to cope and help their dear one with bipolar, various pharmacologic options, and numerous coping skills. Most of these answers are from real-life experiences, making it easy for people with mood swings to relate to and find answers to a lot of their questions.


All About Bipolar

Winner of the top mental disorder blog award in 2010, this site is written by a lady who was affected by bipolar disorder and found her own ways to cope and lead a purposeful life. This website has a lot of links to a number of bipolar-related sites like details of bipolar, bipolar 1, bipolar 2, and blog directories where most issues related to bipolar are discussed. A must-visit site for people with bipolar in self or family. Read through the personal experiences of the author and various other people who have found a workaround with the mood swings of bipolar and managed to lead happy, fulfilling lives.


Bipolar Disorder Survivor

This website is peppered with daily life experiences of a person who felt hopeless, helpless, and worthless in the clutches of bipolar, but managed to find a way out and survive bipolar. The author believes that information helps faster healing and set out to spread the information about bipolar to the affected people, with the intention of helping them heal faster. This site has tips on self-improvement, tests, books, and bipolar news. You can share your views and thoughts on bipolar and find out ways to cope and survive bipolar.


Bipolar Advantage

Converting a situation to work in your favor is the way to survive any problem. The same is true of bipolar disorder too. While the depressive phases might make you feel down in the dumps, the maniac phases provide uncommon energy levels, which can be used to advantage. The Advantage Program involves mental health professionals, life coaches, and people with bipolar and aims to provide the most logical step to success for people with bipolar disorder. With a lot of peer counseling and support groups, this website has a vast store of workshops, books, and programs designed for people with bipolar. There is a huge repository of frequently asked questions relating to friends, family, organizations, therapists, and businesses. This consumer run organization will help you find the bipolar advantage, thereby helping you lead extraordinary lives.

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