Famous Bipolar People
Famous Bipolar People

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All the graphics on our website are custom sketches done by our in-house artist. You have permission to use them on your website as long as you provide us with appropriate credit and link. For example: "Sketch of Abraham Lincoln used by permission from Famous Bipolar People"

If you wish to use the high resolution version, the graphics below are available for purchase in their orginal format as done by our artist. You can buy any of these images for just $1.95 and may then use them for any purpose. The small $1.95 fee is payable with paypal, simply click the button underneath the sketch you would like. Some of the sketches are also uploaded and ready to be printed on t-shirts, mugs and other items via our Zazzle Shop.

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Adam Ant
503kb - 1800 x 2226
Agatha Christy
442kb - 1800 x 2100
Axl Rose
580kb - 4572 x 4639
Buzz Aldrin
696kb - 1200 x 1800
Carrie Fisher
110kb - 1800 x 1872
Drew Carey
561kb - 1800 x 2100
Edgar Poe
571kb - 1498 x 1876
Gordon Sumner (Sting)
551kb - 1800 x 2098
Hans Christian Andersen
587kb - 1800 x 2000
Jane Pauley
1,288kb - 1800 x 2100
Jean-Claude Van Damme
534kb - 1200 x 1800
Jim Carey
102kb - 1250 x 1667
Jimi Hendrix
614kb - 1819 x 1667
John Daly
924kb - 1649 x 2112
Kay Redfield Jamison
504kb - 1648 x 1852
Kurt Cobain
139kb - 1250 x 1792
Larry Flynt
586kb - 1312 x 1364
Liz Taylor
520kb - 1800 x 2100
Marilyn Monroe
509kb - 1800 x 2100
Maurice Benard
757kb - 1500 x 2100
Mel Gibson
506kb - 4125 x 5700
Michael Slater
922kb - 1800 x 2160
Ozzy Osbourne
504kb - 1604 x 1640
Patricia Cornwell
733kb - 1400 x 2100
Patrick Joseph Kennedy
1,042kb - 1800 x 2160
Patty Duke
498kb - 1800 x 1260
514kb - 1800 x 2100
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Rene Rivkin
561kb - 1800 x 1572
Robert Downey Jr
954kb - 1800 x 2100
Robin Williams
858kb - 1500 x 2100
Sinead O'Connor
432kb - 1800 x 2100
Sophie Anderton
488kb - 1800 x 1664
Stephen Fry
113kb - 1800 x 1991
Tim Burton
1,028kb - 1550 x 2063
Tom Waits
1,128kb - 1800 x 2100
Virginia Woolf
460kb - 1800 x 2100

Currently going through a depressive episode of bipolar disorder?

You are not alone!! Millions of others including many famous bipolar people have been through what you are going through right now but rest assured, it is only temporary! I urge to to consider what you are feeling as if it is only a really, really, really bad hangover. Sure, you might feel like you want to die but it's only temporary so push through it and go on to live an amazing life and have & share the amazing experiences you are destined for. After all, you have the incredible bipolar advantage like the famous people listed on this website and have potential to do amazing things with your life!

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