Famous Bipolar People
Famous Bipolar People

JONATHAN HAY - Famous Bipolar Sportsman

Jonathan Hay is a famous former Australian footballer. He was born in Kalgoorlie on August 13, 1979. He earned a reputation as a defender in Australian football and his brilliant performance in the Australian league.

Jonathan attended Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School, where he began his football career. He continued at John Paul College, where he was a student. Hay played on the reserve bench of East Fremantle Football Club in Perth and subsequently drafted by Hawthorn Football Club. He sustained an injury from which he recovered quickly and went back to the Hawthorn Club. During this period, he was selected into the All-Australian team. Jonathan was later taken into the Kangaroos football club. He however made too many mistakes on the field of play, passing ball to opponent players. Kangaroos dropped Hay and he got to play for Tasmanian Devils, though his contract was paid in full. His retirement was announced in 2007 when the Kangaroos played their first NAB Cup game in 2007. He signed with another club two years later but his ambition was short-lived as he broke a tendon during a training drill session.

Jonathan suffered a severe depression, leading to bipolar disorder. His performance and concentration on the field of play dropped. He was always in a poor shape and got aggressive at the least provocation. He admitted in a media interview that he had bipolar disorder and that his poor performance was due to his over reliance on the prescribed medication. Jonathan also confessed that there has been someone who has stalked him for years. During the days of depression, Jonathan could not do anything. Even the task of unpacking his boot bag was a huge problem for him.

But Jonathan was quick to add that, his public admission of suffering from depression was influenced by his team. They wanted him to explain to the fans and the public why he performed poorly during that season. Jonathan admitted taking illicit drugs but said that was just an experiment. He took cocaine and other drugs when he was between 19 and 21 and has not taken any since. However, doctors insist drug use can cause depression irrespective of the time difference.

During his short time of playing football in Australia, Hay became a household name. He was noted for his ability to score goals, shooting from long distances. The news of his drug use and confessions of mental problems therefore hit many fans hard. The media was unfair to him in that, they hammered more on his drug use than the problem causing the drug use and what kind of drugs he used.

Some football analysts have condemned his suspension stating that, he should not be victimized for an illness that is not his fault, but rather be sympathized with.

Jonathan plans to return to active football and has since been training with a suburban football club. He was however injured during a training session. Hay says he cannot wait to come back to the field and hopes his injury heals quickly.

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