Famous Bipolar People


A British writer, comedian, actor, journalist, film director and television presenter, Stephen John Fry was born on August 24, 1957 in Hampstead, London. Fry started his career as a television broadcaster when he produced The Cellar Tapes, which caught much attention. He was hired by Laurie Thompson to star in the movie on Granada television. Fry also wrote a number of newspaper articles which drew a lot of people to buy the papers. He was a prolific radio journalist too, bringing very sensitive issues to the attention of the public. Fry starred in many movies and was a producer himself. His movies were always a hit on the market. He also wrote novels and plays, which also made their mark on people. He produced audio books of some children literature and also produced video games for children.

After the Cellar Tapes, Fry produced Cambridge Footlights Revue, which caught a lot of attention. He then wrote and co-acted in A bit of Fry and Laurie. He was so successful that producers of other series invited him to join them. Fry started off as a supporting actor and won lead roles in subsequent movies due to the high standard of his performance. He was also once the host of BAFTA Film Awards. Fry wrote and presented essays that were broadcast on some BBC Radio Channels. He read all of the Harry Porter audio books series. His voice has been the voice behind a number of English video games. He published his first novel, The liar and three additional ones. He also published an autobiography and many non-fiction books.

At age 17, Fry was suicidal. He heard voices telling him how worthless he was and he decided to kill himself. He gassed himself in a car and almost died. he was also reported to have stolen a credit card from a family friend when he was 17 and was arrested. While appearing in a play, Fry suffered a nervous breakdown. He was diagnosed with mild bipolar disorder at age 37. He went missing for many days after the breakdown and later said he had suicidal thoughts during those days. Fry also suffered rapid mood swings, he could go very low and suddenly get to the highest. He took to drinking to solve his problem. Fry later in an interview revealed that he liked his conditions; while the lows got him depressed, the highs got him productive and intelligent. He said it was an adventure for him.


Fry came out public to discuss his depression, and sort to educate the public on the disease and lend his support for those suffering from the disease. He led a campaign against the execution of a British national with the disease in China.


Though not much is known about his childhood, he was known to have fallen at age six and had deviated nasal septum. This could have accounted for his bipolar disorder.


Fry has been a supporter of the Labour Party for a long time. He now lives in London with his partner Daniel Cohen, whom he met in 1995.