Famous Bipolar People


Born on 23 May 1958, Drew Allison Carey is an American comedian. Carey gained fame as a stand-up comedian. His popularity grew with the production of his show, The Drew Carey Show, on which he starred. He also hosts “Whose Line Is It Anyway” on ABC in the United States. Aside from being a comedian, Carey is a movie star too. He has appeared in many movies, television series, music videos and a computer game. He is also a lover of sports and worked at the United States National Team soccer games as a photographer. He also owns minor shares in Major League Soccer team. Carey is also an actor, a game show host and a writer.

Drew Carey’s comedy career began when a friend suggested to him to borrow books on how to write jokes from the library. He did just that and entered into the open contest, which he won. Carey became an emcee upon his victory and performed at many comedy clubs for the next few years. He then entered the Star Search competition, giving him nationwide exposure. His first appearance was on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. His performance was impressive and was honored by Carson by inviting him to the couch next to his desk. Carey joined the 14th Annual Young Comedians Special that same year. He wrote his own comedy, Drew Carey: Human Cartoon , which was aired on Showtime. This won him a Cable ACE Award for Best Writing.


Carey is said to have suffered bipolar disorder. He confessed in an interview with Nancy O’Dell that, he suffered depression for a long time. He also admitted that at the age of 18, he tried to kill himself, and then again at age 20 by taking an overdose of pills. Carey said he overcame the depression by learning to believe in himself by reading anything that could help. His depression was said to have been caused by the sudden death of his father when he was still young. The stress of his work also contributed to the depression.

Carey is hard working and has a strong personality. He started his career from the very bottom and walked his way through to the top. Even in his depression, he did not give up but rather made use of the energy derived from it to move his life forward. His way of overcoming the depression was also remarkable. While most depressives would take to substance abuse and end up in rehabilitation facilities, he dealt with it by learning.


Aside from being a comedian, Carey made appearances in many movies. He started off by accepting minor roles and then gained popularity when he was awarded big roles. As a photographer, he covered the 2006 world cup in Germany. Carey has many writing works to his credit.


Carey proposed to Nicole Jarcz, but no date has been set for their wedding. In 2001, he suffered a coronary angioplasty and has since been on diet. Carey is a supporter of the United States Soccer Team and also supports the Conservatives, but disproves some of their policies.