Famous Bipolar People


She was born Patricia Carroll Daniels in Miami, Florida on June 9, 1956. She is an American writer. And famous for her chosen style of writing delving on crime. Her novels which feature a medical examiner, Dr. Kay Scarpetta. Cornwell is also known for her advocacy on the abolishment of the death penalty. Her 17 novels on crime detection and other stories won the admiration of many, subsequently making her the female best seller author in America and beyond. Conwell also helps promote psychiatric research and is a researcher herself.

Cornwell started writing in her late teens, encouraged by Ruth Bell, wife of Billy Graham. She attended King College in Briston where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Cornwell was transferred to Davidson College where she worked for a while. She worked for the Charllotte Observer as a reporter and covered crime stories. She wrote her first three novels that were rejected by the publishers. Postmortem was published in 1991 and was a major success. Overwhelmed with the success, Cornwell bought five houses, many cars and lots of property, but the joy was short-lived. Cornwell returning from an outing with an actress, Demi Moore crashed her Mercedes and was convicted of drunk driving. Her punishment was to spend 28 days in a treatment center.


Cornwell was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other psychological problems as well. In her late teenage years, she suffered depression and anorexia. She experienced moments of very high emotions and very low moments. Her over security concept can also be attributed to the bipolar disorder. She never goes anywhere with a number of well armed security men. Though she says it is not about fear, she is not ready to leave herself unprotected when she feels vulnerable. She once admitted that she was wired in a way, and that she resembled Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the clinical pathologist character in her novels. Bipolar people are known to be overcautious, and Cornwell clearly exhibits this behavior. Some people who come in contact with her refer to her as the tough broad, which she does not seem to like.

Cornwell suffered a lot of emotional pain during her childhood. Her father, a lawyer at the Supreme Court walked out of them on a Christmas day, while they were still young. Their mother was hospitalized for depression, from which she later died. She and her other siblings therefore grew up in a foster home. Her depression could be attributed to these events. Cornwell is also reported as saying that her life is characterized by anger and emotions from her childhood.


Aside from all these, Conwell is a philantopists too. She donates several thousands of dollars to orphanages and other charitable causes each year. She also donates to political parties in America.


Cornwell married Charles Cornwell, an English Professor who later became a preacher. Though 17 years older than Cornwell, their marriage has been successful over the years. The couple together worked to write a biography of Ruth Bell Graham.