Famous Bipolar People


Sting is an English musician. He was born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner in Wallsend, England on October 2nd, 1951. Sting was known to be one of the finest singers England ever produced. He was also a songwriter and actor. Sting was also famous for his promotion of human rights, campaigning for the end of the apartheid regime. He was also a philanthropist, writing songs and singing during charity shows. His band, The Police brought a new wave to the English music industry. His craft on stage and in the movies was also admired by many of his fans. His movies and music albums sold tremendously throughout England and the world. He received 16 Grammy Award during his music career. Sting also received an Oscar nomination for best song, and many other awards.

Sting started music at an early age, learning from his mother who was a pianist. He had an old rugged guitar which he often played with. As a student at St. Cuthbert’s High School, he sneaked to nightclubs and pubs to watch other musicians perform. He furthered his education at the Northern Counties College of Education after working as a bus conductor and then as a laborer at a construction site. He worked as a schoolteacher after graduating from college, and performed with jazz groups during weekends and whenever he could. He formed his band, The Police, of which he was the lead singer and songwriter. Sting performed some albums as solo when he was still a member of The Police Band. He often featured other famous musicians in his songs.


Though little information is available on his health, Sting was reported to have suffered bipolar disorder. He publicly admitted being manic depressive during his time with The Police. He added he was suicidal during that time. His relationship with the other members of the band was breaking apart. He also stated that he is color blind. Sting is also believed to have hearing difficulties and that added to his problems.

Sting wrote songs and performances to raise funds for some social causes. He wrote a song to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Amnesty International. Also, to mark the 40th Anniversary of the signing of the declaration of human rights, Sting joined other musicians in the Human Rights Now! Tour, which lasted for six weeks.


Sting ran regularly and practices yoga regularly to keep fit. Sting also loved to play chess and takes part in chess competitions. He supports the Newcastle United football club and composed a song for them in one of their victories during an FA cup. Sting eats meat from only animals he raised himself. Sting also supports the involvement of Britain and integration into the European Union and publicly declared his support for the Treaty of Lisbon.


Sting married Frances Tomelty and had two children by her. The marriage however ended in a divorce after eight years. He later married Tudie Styler with whom he has four children. Both of his parents died of cancer.