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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America. His term of rule spanned between March 1861 and April 1965. He led America through the American Civil War, ending the slavery and much internal crisis. Lincoln was a successful country lawyer, a senator and a member of the United States House of Representatives. As President, he did all that was in his power to abolish the slave trade. He was the first American president to be assassinated. He is ranked as the greatest of all United States Presidents. Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. Lincoln was talented as a local wrestler but hated hunting and fishing, because he hated to kill animals.

Abraham Lincoln moved to Kentucky to make a new start. He left for Coles County, Illinois at the age of 22, traveling on a canoe down to New Salem. He found a job as a messenger for a Businessman. The only formal education he had was for 18 months. His extensive reading however made him very knowledgeable and self confident.


Lincoln announced his candidacy for the Illinois General Assembly, marking the beginning of his political career, an election he never won. He had all it takes to lead his people but education. He also served some time with the Illinois militia during the Black Hawk War. He won an election and entered into the state legislature in 1832.


Lincoln was said to have had bipolar disorder. He was described as having a tendency to melancholy. Some analysts say Lincoln always wore a mournful and sullen face. A smile from him is said to ruin pictures taken of him. There are still others who argue that Lincoln rather loved to laugh. His depression is believed to have stemmed from the many losses he suffered. It was first the death of his mother. Lincoln was grieved when his mother died and is believed to have been depressed. The other bouts of depression followed when his son and later his wife died. Lincoln loved his wife and son so much that, when they died, he fell into a depression, looking gloomy all the time.


Lincoln is however a character to be admired. Though he did not get long access to formal education, he achieved what even some of the well educated could not do. He became a lawyer, a senator, a member of the House of Representatives all by his hard work. He did not blame anybody for not giving him the opportunities to education.


Leadershipof Lincoln also brought massive changes to the United States. He amended legislation and the constitution to pave way for a new America devoid of slavery. Though he faced a lot of opposition, he pushed through his policies. Lincoln was a man who worked through extreme poverty to fame.


Lincoln married Mary Todd in January 1842. They had four sons, of which three died. The death of her sons caused Mary to experience clinical depression. Lincoln died of a gunshot wound, inflicted by an assailant.

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