Famous Bipolar People


Robin McLaurims Williams is an American comedian. He was born on July 21st, 1951 in Chicago, Illionois. He rose to fame on account of his role in the Mork and Mindy TV series as the alien. His comedy work also made him popular. He won many Academy Awards for his role in movies. He also won a number of Grammy awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards as well as Golden Globes. He was voted to the 13th position out of 100 Greatest Stand-ups of all Time in 2004. Williams’ comments at the 1986 edition of the Academy Awards never saw him hosting the event again.


Williams attended Redwood High School, where he was involved in the drama department. He furthered his studies at Claremont McKenna College. He proceeded to Juilliard School for the Advanced Program where he studied dialects. His first movie job was a role in The Richard Pryor Show on NBC. He had his second role in Happy Days TV series as the alien Mork, which helped him develop a comic way of speaking. He became a popular character and was featured on coloring books for children, lunchboxes, posters and other paraphernalia. He began comedy in the late 1970s, organizing stand-up comedy shows and also featuring on other programs.

Williams made a comeback in television series by accepting a role in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He acted the voice behind the Genie in the story of Aladdin. Williams also starred on stage productions as well. He played in the Dead Poets Society an English teacher and in The Fisher King as the troubled homeless man. He also played in the 2002 hit drama, Insomnia and also in One Hour Photo.


He starred the other movies such as Man of the year, which won him Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Extreme Makeover:Home edition and Batman Forever.


Analysts say Robin Williams suffered from bipolar disorder though they cannot support it with enough evidence. They argue that, manic depression was behind the performances in many of his movies. Williams will throw away the script and act out his heart. He was almost always the comedian in the movies, making fun of serious life issues. One writer suggested that Robin suffered depression when he broke up with one of his former girlfriends and that, it affected his stage performances. Another suggested Williams was depressed when he was dropped from Julliard. He was also alleged to have been depressed with the Bush Administration not legalizing abortion. He was said to have been agonized by the plight of many who may not have the means to support the children they are carrying. One writer also reported in his work that Williams had been addicted to drugs at some time and stopped when his wife was pregnant with his first son.

Williams had heart problems for which he was hospitalized in March 2009. He underwent a successful surgery to replace his aortic valve.


Williams has been married twice; first to Valerie Velardi and then to Marsha Garces.