Famous Bipolar People


Ted Turner is an American media icon and philanthropist. He was born on November 19, 1938 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is known to be the founder of CNN (Cable News Network), an American cable news channel. Turner also owns a number of other media stations including WTCG-TV and WTBS. He is a well known philanthropist, supporting the United Nations Foundation with a billion dollar gift. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Foundation. Turner was also noted for his recent unguarded comments; calling observers of Ash Wednesday “Jesus Freaks”.

Turner was educated in a in a private institution, The McCallie School. He furthered his studies at the Brown University, where he became the vice-president of the Debating Union. He majored in Classics, but later changed to Economics. A female student was found in turner’s dormitory room, leading to his expulsion from the university before he could graduate. He was however awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brown University when he delivered a keynote at the second annual conference of the National Association of College Broadcasters.


Upon his expulsion, Turner returned to the South to run the Georgia branch of his father’s business as general manager, and later chief executive after his father’s death. Turner worked hard to make the firm a global business. It became the largest advertising company in the Southeast during the Vietnam War Era. He bought Southern radio and television stations with profits from the advertising company. When FCC allowed the use of a satellite on WTCG-TV Channel 17 to broadcast movies, the station aired cartoons, sports, movies and comedy, and reached over two million subscribers. Turner was now worth $100 million. Many of the other stations aired his programs, increasing his viewer base. Turner built other media stations like CNN, which is by far the biggest now, TNT, MGM/UA, a film production studio, Turner Entertainment to oversee his media properties, MIBC, a broadcasting firm in Moscow. Turner Broadcasting system merged with Time Warner Inc. in 2001.

Turner also bought the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks and managed them for a while on his own. He built the Turner Field, used for the 1996 Summer Olympics and later changed it into a sole baseball facility for the Braves.


Turner was said to have suffered bipolar disorder. He is known to have suffered bouts of depression throughout his adult life. He takes lithium pills as treatment for his depression. His first battle with depression was when he caught his father with a doctor’s wife, resulting in Turner publicly declaring his dislike for Jews. He suffered another round of depression when his marriage failed.


Turner married thrice throughout his life; first to Julia Gale Nye. Their marriage lasted for four years. Turner married Jane Shirley Smith, and they lived together for 23 years. Turner also married Jane Fonda in 1991 but divorced in 2001. He has five children. Turner, together with his second wife founded the Turner Foundation, which offers financial assistance in the areas of environment and population.