Famous Bipolar People


Jean-Claude who was born as Camille François Van Varenberg is a famous martial artist and actor. He was born at a place called Berchem-Sainte-Agathe in Belgium on October 18, 1960. He is best known for his action movies characterized by martial arts performances. He earned the nickname “The Muscles from Brussels” due to his body structure and Belgian background. His movies have been successful over the years. Damme won the Mr. Belgium title at a young age.

Damme started studying martial arts from age 10, when he was enrolled in Shotokan karate school. He joined the Centre National De Karate, Belgium where he trained for four years. He took up studying ballet at age 16, which lasted 5 years. In the same year, he made his first fight which he won with a knockout of his opponent. While still in Belgium, he earned the bodybuilding title “Mr. Belgium”, a national success. Jean-Claude was entered into the European Championship, which he won with three knockouts in one evening. His fighting career in Belgium was successful.


Damme moved to America to pursue a film acting career. He was featured as an extra in the film Breakin’. He was subsequently featured in Missing In Action and No Retreat, No Surrender. His first major movie, Bloodsport became a hit, earning him instant popularity. He also featured in movies where he played dual roles. His movies became best sellers in the United States and internationally. Things however took different turns with the release of Street Fighter. This movie was poorly patronized, as with those that followed. He ended his movie career with the release of Universal Soldier. Damme produced a dancing training video for Bob Sinclair. Damme announced his return to boxing in 2009.


Damme suffered bipolar disorder. In 1998, he was diagnosed to suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder. He became suicidal and has been taking sodium valproate medication to maintain the mood. Prior to that, Damme has been accused of spouse abuse. Damme confessed feeling depressed in his teenage year, but took care of it with his work outs. He said he felt very low when he did not train. He started using cocaine when he went into acting and did not work himself out as much as he used to. Damme checked into a month-long rehabilitation program, but came out after a week. He admitted that, stopping to do drugs made him feel like dying, he had no reason to live for since nothing in his life made any sense anymore.

Damme suffered difficulties in his life. He confessed that he had to sleep on the streets of Los Angeles, and had no food. This might have led to his depression.


Damme had married five times, first to Maria Rodriguez in 1980. Their marriage lasted four years after which he married Cynthia Derderian 1n 1985. Damme married Darcy LaPier in 1994 after his divorce with Cynthia, and had a child. He later married Gladys Portuguese. He and Gladys divorced in 1992, but re-married in 1999. They now live together and have 2 children.