Famous Bipolar People


Born on 17th January 1962, James Eugene “Jim” Carrey is an American comedian and actor. He began performing as a comedian at an early age and then branched into acting. He first worked as an actor in small television and film companies. He took up roles in many movies which were hits in the movie industry. He earned a record amount of 20 million dollars in one of his comedy movies. His movies won awards and he also won personal awards as well.

Jim Carey attended Blessed Trinity Catholic, Agincourt Cellegiate and Northview Heights Secondary Schools. He showed little comedy skills during those times at school. He started stand-up comedy just after school, performing in Toronto, Ontario. He chalked some successes and started to work at the comedy store in Los Angeles. He also worked with Rodney Dangerfield to introduce his tour performances. He began his acting career by auditioning for a position in Saturday Night Live, which he never got. He had his first lead role as an animation producer on NBC.


Doctors suggest that Jim’s role in the movie “Me Myself and Irene” suggests that he had a split personality and that he could be violent. Later on, Carrey himself made it public and disclosed that he was suffering from depression. At 16, his family had problems that affected him. He and his other siblings had to work as security and janitors. He was angry because of this and became very aggressive. This is a clear sign of depression and could be attributed to bipolar disorder. He got so depressed and sometimes would not talk to anyone but cry.

He suffered from depression even at the peak of success, which he publicly acknowledged and asked for help. He acknowledged the “peaks and valleys” At a point when his mother was sick, he used to hit himself on the walls and let himself fall on the stairs. He later admitted to a newspaper that depression was the motivation behind the comedies he produced. Many people attributed his depression to bipolar disorder. He was put on the anti-depressant drug Prozac, which he used for a long time. He managed to get off the drug and now resorts to religion to deal with his depression. Carrey is also speculated to have a chipped tooth, which may have contributed to his low self image and depression.


Carrey married twice; first to Melisa Womer whom he stayed with for eight years and had a daughter with her. He then got married to Lauren Holly. Divorcing Holly after a year, he dated several other women, but those relationships never lasted. His last was Jenny McCarthy whom Carey dated five years but announced their breakup in April 2010.


Despite his bouts of depression, Carrey has chalked a lot of success in the movie world. He has won the hearts of many movie fans as a great actor. His comedies are also loved by both young and old. Carrey had a grandchild too, who is the child of his 21 year old daughter. He now lives in Brentwood, California.