Famous Bipolar People


Sophie Anderton is a famous British model. Born in Bristol on May 14th, 1977, Anderton gained fame as a personality of reality television. She is also remembered for her disagreements and public outbursts. Anderton also became famous for her role in state advertising campaigns. She was also known a movie star. Anderton is also known in her controversial continuous drug use video and prostitution. She was also criticized by moralists, condemning nude and ‘indecent’ pictures of her.

Anderton attended Redland High School for Girls and then Bristol Cathedral School. She became one of the youngest models at age 16. She Adopted a lifestyle of glamour when she earned 30,000 pounds a week. Her life was characterized by drugs, sex and parties. Anderton became a prostitute, doing that basically for money, since her earnings could not afford her the drugs she got addicted to. She became friends with another drug addict, Mark Bosnich, a friendship which intensified her addiction. She joined a television reality show “I’m a celebrity…….Get me out of here” where she earned the fifth position. She was also part of the Love Island reality show but was evicted.


Video evidence was shown on one television station regarding her drug addiction and prostitution. In the video, Anderton was sniffing a whitish substance from a table in the office of a nightclub. A contract awarded her was canceled as a result. It also had a negative impact on her reputation and career.


Anderton was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which explains her behavior. As a contestant in the Love Island show, Anderton was declared emotionally unstable, she cried at the least provocation and kept mostly to herself. Her relationships with her friends also fell apart. Anderton also had problems quitting addiction. It was first cigarettes and later cocaine. Sophie also got upset and argued with other people even in public, a typical instance was with Natalie Appleton, a singer when Appleton won the fifth position in a reality television show. She was also captured in 2009 for creating a drunken scene in a London railway station. She was also once detained by the police for threatening to kill herself after a breakup with one of her boyfriends. A onetime boyfriend of hers once told a newspaper reporter he broke up with her because he could not put up with her emotional baggage.


Anderton spent some time in a rehabilitation center. She was put on a number of therapies upon leaving the rehabilitation. Anderton attributed her drug addictions to the morphine treatment she was given when very young. She suffered an accident and doctors prescribed the painkiller for her, but with time, they were not effective anymore and she had to get something stronger; drugs.

Anderton dated many rich and famous people throughout her life. First was Robert Hanson when she was 19, which lasted for 4 years. She also dated Mark Bosnich a footballer, Simon Jordan, chairman of a football club, Ed Buxton a property developer. It was during this period that the allegations of prostitution against her came up.