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Born on February 6, 1962 in Lafayatte, Indiana. W. Axl Rose is a singer, songwriter, and record producer from the United States. He is best known as the lead vocalist and sole constant member for the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses which was hugely successful in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was number 11 on the rank of Hit Parader’s and at Top Metal Vocalist for All Time and at 64 in a list of 100 Greatest Singers from the All time list in Rolling Stone.


After 1994, Rose disappeared from public for several years, and the band disintegrated. He resurfaced in 2001 with a new Guns N’ Roses lineup at Rock in Rio 3. In 2016 Rose partially reformed the “classic” lineup of Guns N’ Roses, the same year he performed with AC/DC and has since toured the world.

Early Life

Rose is the eldest child of Sharon Elizabeth and William Bruce Rose. His parents divorced when he was only two years old, prompting his father to kidnap and abuse him before vanishing from Lafayette. William Bruce Rose Sr. was murdered in Marion, Illinois, in 1984 by a criminal associate who was convicted even though the body was never recovered.


Rose’s mother remarried Stephen L. Bailey and changed Rose’s name to William Bruce Bailey. The Baileys’ household was religious. Rose later stated an oppressive upbringing. He accused his stepfather of abusing him and his siblings. Rose found refuge in music from the age of five. He was a school chorus member and performed as the Bailey Trio with his brother and sister. He then eventually formed a band with his friends.


Rose believed Bailey was his biological father until he was 17. He then found out about his biological father and unofficially readopted his birth name, so he referred to himself as W. Rose. After discovering his true family history, Rose became a juvenile delinquent in Lafayette. Rose relocated to Los Angeles, California, in December 1982 after Lafayette authorities threatened to charge him as a habitual criminal. He became so obsessed with his band AXL that his friends suggested he call himself Axl Rose. He formally changed his name to W. Axl Rose before signing a contract in March 1986 with Geffen Records.


During Rose’s late teens, a psychiatrist diagnosed that his behavior was evidence of psychosis, though he doubts he has the condition. He went to a clinic and was requested to take a 500-question and was diagnosed manic-depressive. According to Rose, he is emotional, sensitive, and gets upset easily. Rose was explosive and abused alcohol as a youth. Rose was put on lithium and had once undergone an anger management program. Rose also used hard drugs. He admitted using drugs but quit when Guns N’ Roses got successful. He said the drugs were not a habit but an occasional thing.


Rose began dating model Erin Everly in early 1986. They later got maried in Las Vegas on April 28, 1990. Rose filed for a divorce less than a month later. Rose, who hoped to start a family was devastated when she miscarried in October 1990. After an altercation Everly left Rose and the couple annulled their marriage in January 1991.


Rose began a relationship with supermodel Stephanie Seymour in mid-1991. She was featured in the music videos “Don’t Cry” and “November Rain”. Seymour and Rose got engaged In February 1993, but they broke up three weeks later.

Legal Issues

Rose was arrested more than 20 times in Indiana as a teenager.


In 1985, Rose was charged with statutory rape with a 15-year-old girl, Michelle. They argued after sleeping together, and the girl left the house naked. The charges against Rose were removed due to lack of evidence.


Rose was arrested onstage in November 1987 after assaulting a security guard during a show. Rose was taken backstage and told that he may leave if he apologized to the guard; he refused and was arrested.


Rose was arrested for assault in 1990 after allegedly hitting his next-door neighbour with an empty wine bottle on the head. Rose claimed that after he responded to her yelling, she swung a wine bottle at him. There have been numerous conflicts between the two which inspired his song “Right Next Door To Hell”.


In 1992, Rose was arrested for assault and property damage in the Riverport Riot. He paid a $50,000 fine and received two years of probation.


Rose was detained at Arizona airport in 1998 for threatening airport security who was examining his luggage. He was charged with disorderly behavior. Rose’s publicist clarified the issue was a misunderstanding. Rose was trying to protect a fragile memento he had been given.


In June 2006, Rose was arrested in Norway for biting a security guard in the leg. Rose argued with a woman in a hotel lobby when security approached him. He was fined $5500 and ordered to pay the guard $1360 in damages.


Rose was sued for $210,000 by an audience attacked during the Riverport Riot in 1992. Rose agreed to a $160,000 out-of-court settlement.


Rose sued Stephanie Seymour after they divorced, saying she assaulted him at a Christmas party in 1992. Rose was accused of assault and battery by Seymour, who launched a counter-suit. Rose’s ex-wife Erin Everly filed a lawsuit in 1994 alleging Rose of physical and emotional abuse during their marriage. The cases were settled out of court.


Former band manager Irving Azoff sued Rose in 2010, claiming $1.87 million in unpaid tour costs. Rose claimed in a counter-suit that Azoff mismanaged the band and sabotaged their album sales to force him to join his former bandmates on a reunion tour. Both cases were successfully resolved.


In November 2010, Rose sued the publishers of the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for $20 million. He alleged that Activision violated an agreement to not include Slash or his band Velvet Revolver in the game in exchange for a license to use the song “Welcome to the Jungle.” Instead, Rose noted out that the game’s cover included an image of Slash. Rose’s claim was dismissed in February 2013 since he had not filed suit on the contract based on oral promises.