Famous Bipolar People


Born on January 3 1956, Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson is an Australian American actor. He is a screenwriter, producer and film director as well. He is expressive and speaks his mind. He is known for his movies some of which appeal to the emotions of viewers. Some of his movies also spark controversies. His open defamation of gays caused the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to accuse him of homophobia. He also expressed his view on the Catholic religion and why women could not be priests. This view generated a lot of controversy. He earned many awards and honours for his good performance on stage and in films. He built a reputation as a comedian, demonstrating practical jokes in his movies.

Gibson moved to Australia with his parents when he was 12. He was schooled by the Congregation of Christian Brothers at Sr. Leo’s Catholic Church in Wahroonga. He later went to the National Institute of Dramatic Art for his high school education, where he started his acting career. Gibson played lead role in many plays while in School. He took on the filming of Mad Max series. He was liked by producers for his natural style of acting. Gibson soon began making appearances in Australian television series. He was also a cast member of Attack Force Z and Gallipoli. He came back to America to join the movie industry. He featured in The River, which made him popular in America too.


Gibson started producing and directing after some time in Hollywood. He formed Icon productions, which has many hit movies to their credit. He also took supporting roles in most of the movies he directed. Gibson also has a private investment, which consists of many properties.

Mel Gibson had a hard time with depression, and was reported to be suffering from bipolar disorder. He became addicted to alcohol and made public statements he which generated a lot of public debate. He once made some comments about gays and when confronted with the controversy, he said he made those statements under alcoholic influence. He planned to kill himself one night during a show, which was attributed to his alcoholism and inability to control his bipolar disorder. He spent some time in rehabilitation. He later publicly admitted to his depression and added that he was using Selegiline, a yellow ointment to cure the disease.


Though much is not known of his childhood, he is believed to have had some childhood or adolescent experiences that caused the upsurge of the disease. Some people also believe his condition might have been due to stress on the job.


Gibson is a traditional Catholic and often openly declared his religious affiliations. He built a catholic Church in his home. Gibson also expressed open condemnation toward homosexualism. He divorced his first wife of 29 years, Robyn Gibson and planned marrying Oksana Grigorieva, who has a son with him. He has eight children in all, 7 from hist first marriage and 1 by his live-in girlfriend.