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Brief Biography - Who was Kurt Cobain?

Kurt Cobain & Links to Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)

There is several things that would link Kurt Cobain as being bipolar with the two most obvious links being the fact that he committed suicide and that he interestingly wrote a song called Lithium (the most common treatment for Bipolar Disorder).


As a child, he was believed to have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and believed to have suffered bipolar disorder as an adult. This could account for his rebellion, aggression and drug abuse. He also endured poor self image and self consciousness sometime in his life. His continuous drug use affected his band as Cobain often fell unconscious during photo shoots. He attempted to go into rehabilitation once but that did not work. He had an overdose of heroin once when preparing for a show.

Cobain began taking drugs at age 13 and continued throughout his life. He consumed large amounts of any kind of drug; Lysergic acid diethylamide, acids and anything abusable. He also consumed large amounts of alcohol and any kind of solvent. He had his first dose of heroin from a dealer which he used for some years and developed addiction as a result. His drug usage was attributed to emotional imbalance caused by a severe stomach condition he suffered. Cobain attributed his drug use to his stomach condition, but comparing with people believes it was as a result of suffering from bipolar disorder.


Cobain attempted suicide once when he locked himself up in a room with a gun and a pack of pills. He was later found dead in his home by an electrician with what is believed to be a suicide note. Thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts have been found to have a high prevalence in people suffering from bipolar disorder.


He married Love Courtney and had a daughter with her. He disappeared on 4th April 1994 and his body was found on 8th April 1994.